Louisville, Kentucky
St. Thomas Seminary
(originated by on-line Alumni during 2003 as "the Lost Boys of St. Thomas Seminary")


Seminary as constructed in 1952

Original campus: 7101 Brownsboro Road (1952-1976)
Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky USA
in cooperation with the Society of Saint Sulpice, Baltimore

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First class, first year, 1952 . . .
First Class, 1952
Featured Graduation Class
for Spring-Summer 2005

Class of 1964

The sixth College graduation class of 1964,
all of us still smarting from the November 22, 1963 assassination of President Kennedy,
spread out mainly to Paca Street in Baltimore, St. Mary's, Kentucky, and Saint Meinrad.
Our life experience was split with historically-unique evenness
between the anti-modernist triumphalism of preconciliar U.S. Catholicism
and the beginnings of the first reforms of Vatican Council II.
The political tumults of the late 1960's
were what we lived and breathed while emerging from the especially sheltered life
created for us by the Archdiocese
despite the more cosmopolitan open-spiritedness of the Sulpicians
assigned to Archbishop Floersh's isolated six-year "minor seminary."

I know this 1964 class best because I am among its members,
really proud to count Covatta, Dittmeier, Dutschke, Hunn, Knott,
Simmons, Mudd, O'Bryan, Olges, and the rest of you men
as the kind of friends or comrades which people gain on Life's journey
only in the high-schooling process, even if there were no prom's, etc.

(R.I.P., (Fr.) Don "Duck" Howard of Whitesville.)

The other classes will need to come forward with their stories and gifts,
but I make it my mission to ensure that each face in the above graduation picture
has a respectful new presence on this website!

- Dan Onley (Owensboro)

Fr. Joseph L. White, S.S.
Fr. Joseph L. White, S.S., Founding Rector
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